Saturday, November 10, 2012

Next Up!

Daniel here. Vincent’s given me the password to his account so that I can update the blog when he’s not around. Such a swell guy, isn’t he? Aside from being an asshole sometimes, but HEY. Not a lot we can do about that.

First off, a message to this ‘SID’. We won’t mess with you, and in return we expect you not to screw with us. I don’t give a damn who you are – you do not come into our territory and act like you own the place. Oh, and thanks for breaking Tyler’s wrist, jackass.

Second, Lois and Will have joined the party! We’ve given them a warm reception by locking the bitch in one of the basement’s many bedrooms. And, now that she’s here, Rebecca can finally catch a break. I mean, damn, she’s probably had the worst job out of all of us. I can’t handle children... Not after the first few times.

Finally, the police! You’d think they’d check the areas where Vince would most likely be, but nope! They’re morons. Viv’s thinking that one of the Others is diverting their attention, though. And hey, if they are, I am fine with that! The less attention our little group gets with the local authorities, the more time we’ll have to set things up.

Expect more updates from me in the next couple of weeks, friends.
I can tell you all are so happy about that.

P.S. Am I the only one that thinks this blog set-up is really boring? I mean, damn, Vincent, at least make it aesthetically pleasing.

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