Wednesday, November 14, 2012

They’ve been gone since last night and neither Tyler or Becca knows where they’ve gone. I’ve tried calling several times, but NO. How hard is it for one simple phone call? And do they even know how hard it is to restrain myself from going in Lois’ room and breaking her neck? I mean… I had enough trouble with stopping myself when they first got here. Becca’s been trying to keep me calm, and has done a good job at that… Tyler, though? He’s a damn psychopath. Sure, he’s between me and Lois’ door – sits right in front of it, actually! – but he’s been drumming on her door, yelling taunts at her, saying how he’s going to “get the kid” if she doesn’t stop crying…

I tried getting him to stop because it was getting on my last nerve, but he just smiled at me. When Becca, who normally manages to keep Tyler under control, tried speaking to him, he started shouting at her, saying she should mind her own business and to leave him be. And, sometime between all of this, he managed to get one of the kitchen knives and has kept it near him.

That’s not even the end of it, either – Becca’s tried getting food for both Will and Lois, but each time she’s tried to do so Tyler’s stopped her. “They don’t get a scrap until they’ve come back,” he’s said.

Now, Becca’s talking to Tyler to find out what the hell is the matter with him. I’m hearing snatches of conversation, like “Keeping him away” and “It’s him”. Well, not my fault that whatever’s in me is causing it. Trust me, if I could take a walk, I’d go for it.

If he keeps it up, I may

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