Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Big Secret

Sarah found the blog the other day and sent me this:

“I can’t believe you, Vincent. I felt sorry for you, even told Lois that what she did was wrong, but this is different. Two wrongs do not make a right, and showing her journal to the world is wrong. I understand you’re angry, but this is the wrong way to handle the situation. You need to talk to Lois personally, not post her private life online. Now take this blog down and start acting more mature.”

Oh, this is immature, is it? It’s the wrong way of handling things? Oh, I don’t think so, Sarah. This is vengeance. Your friend humiliated me, and now it’s my turn to return the favor.

I wasn’t planning on posting this, but since you’ve really pissed me off, I’m going to reveal to the whole world Lois Hunt’s dirty little secret.

So, want to know why Lois hasn’t been at school? Want to know what could be so bad that even I wasn’t considering posting it?

Lois got herself pregnant.
After going to that Christmas Concert, things got a bit physical between the two and, being dumb, they didn’t use protection. So a week or so later Lois finds out and oh, what a startling realization that must have been. Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Lois, but at least Will stayed around... unlike your father.
And now everyone knows, and you can’t stop what’s coming. I told you you’d pay, and if it weren’t for your friend you might have been teased about sleeping with your boyfriends. Now? You’re going to have to live with the rumors, the looks, and the laughing, just like I have.
And you want to know the best thing about this? I’m not finished yet, not until the entire journal’s online.
I can't wait for school.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Small Rant

Will and Lois met during school, like some people normally do. But it wasn’t like they had any classes together; all they had was lunch, and what he did was accidently bump into her during the lunch line. That’s what got them talking. Later on, they exchanged phone numbers and started talking through that.

OK, first off, how is this any different than what I do? I start talking to a girl over the phone, I start to like them, then bam, friendship is over. So, why is it when Will does the same thing, they both end up "falling in love"?

And another thing: I will bet money that Will doesn’t love her, especially after what I’ve read. There is no way that he’s a “good guy” who loves Lois. Want to know what I think? It has to do with moral obligation yet again. He’s only there because he’ll be looked down upon if he leaves. I would kill someone just to get a look at what Will’s really thinking. you'llgetyourchance

I’m getting off here. Don't feel like getting into a big rant.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Is love a weakness?

Maybe. I act stupid when I think I like a girl, especially one who doesn't know I exist. I try to skip over the question, but it's hard to dodge it seems like people ask about it all the time. It's like a double-edged sword, since they'll tease me for liking a particular girl or they'll say that I probably couldn't get someone, anyway. It's not like I can get them to stop, either, because the teachers think that saying sorry means they'll act nice from now on, even when one kid just gave the other a black eye. And I don't want to get my parents involved because they'll go over-protective on me like they have before and embarrass me in front of my teachers or something like that.

That's why I stick to myself most of the time, 'cause it seems like whomever I interact with has a way of hurting my feelings, either intentionally or not. People always telling me to come back to the youth group, or get involved in clubs, but not after what's happened before, who I've seen some of those people turn out to be. It's easier just to keep to myself and go through the day pretending I'm somewhere else.

Anyway, there’s many tales throughout history about love ruining situations, with the most famous one in my opinion being the tale of the Trojan War. When I got switched into Greek Mythology, I didn't like it at first. Lots of boring names to remember and the teacher was really bubbly and hyper all the time. After I started reading the books assigned for the class, I started to get into it. I used to have dreams of slashing up monsters like the heroes, proceeding to get glory along the way and having people cheer me on as I battled against another hero. I got into it so much that I bought a large book full of the unabridged stories. After reading the Trojan War, it became my favorite because of the themes I saw taking place in it. I find the story fascinating, how it shows that the love (or lust) of one person can bring the whole world crumbling down on one's head.

Here's the short version of the book's Trojan War story:

The gods and goddesses was attending the wedding of Peleus and Thetis where they were given a bounty of wonderful gifts. Everyone was having a wonderful time… Except Eris, the Goddess of Discord. She was stopped at the door (presumably because of what she symbolized) and so she threw her own gift upon the floor: a golden apple with the word 
KallistÄ“i ("To the fairest") inscribed on it. Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena discovered the apple and began to argue over who was the fairest. The goddesses, knowing that they couldn’t settle this quarrel between themselves, turned to the other guests and asked them to decide on who was the fairest; knowing better than to get involved, the guests told the three that they couldn’t decide between them.

At Zeus’ request, the three goddesses were led by the god Hermes to the prince of Troy, Paris. They began offering him gifts, bribing him as a way of claiming the title of the fairest. Hera offered him political power and control of the Eastern world; Athena promised him wisdom and the skills of battle and great warriors; and Aphrodite said she would gift Paris with the most beautiful woman in the world should he pick her.

… And, well, I think we all know how the rest of the story goes. Paris picks Aphrodite as the fairest and, as a result, is promised Helen of Sparta. This leads to Paris “kidnapping” (though in most accounts, Helen leaves with him willingly) Helen, and because she had so many suitors, they planned to rescue her in order to receive her love.

Either that, or they were jealous of Paris.

This led to the Trojan War which lasted (to my knowledge) twenty years… all for want of a woman.

What I find interesting is that the rulers were willing to sacrifice thousands of lives all for Helen. I’m sure there was more to it than that, of course (political backslap across the face, for instance), but this war could have been avoided had the kings of the realm let her go.

… Some would argue that Paris should have picked something else instead, as it would prevent the Trojan War from happening. Perhaps, but any of the gifts Paris picked from would start a war. Control of the Eastern World wouldn’t happen just by snapping your fingers; Paris would have to raise an army and go out to conquer what was promised him. The skills of a great warrior and wisdom are quite obvious, but probably the lesser of the three evils since Paris could choose whether or not to go to battle with his enemies.

So, what does this mean? Were the goddesses purposely trying to start a war, or were they honestly trying to find out who was the fairest?

I’ll probably never know for sure, considering the authors of the story are long dead and gods and goddesses are not real – or, if they are real, they’ve since died or left the world to rot. But what I took away from this is that love will either always lead to conflict, or it will give you the means to create it.

So, is it better to be without love? I believe it has less consequences than having love, but I think it also gives a person the ability to take advantage of others, to prey upon their desires and offer them what they want the most… And as such, those desires will create conflict. The man without love will allow others to make those choices, to cause war; he will be the one to bestow the golden apple among those who argue amongst themselves.

And in the end, Discord always wins.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Taken from today's newspaper:

"Jasper Wallace, 37, was released from custody today after new evidence surfaced in regards to the murders of several people that occurred in the early summer of 2011. Wallace was arrested in September after the police department found his fingerprint in a victim's house; later a witness came forward and identified Wallace as the murder suspect. The killings began again at the beginning of this year, followed by a sighting of a man similar in appearance to Wallace standing near one of the victims. Police have ruled out a copycat killer based on evidence received from the FBI, but as of now this information has not been released to the public."

Pretty much, we have an incompetent police force in my area. They couldn't even catch the right guy. Luckily we have the FBI in town, otherwise I'd have given up hope a long time ago. I hope they catch the killer soon, too, because whoever they are, they're getting violent. There were a few killings that were separated only by a few weeks, and even then they trailed out of state... Now, the killer is back in town and there's been three disappearances in the last two weeks. And the thing is, I go to school with the people who have disappeared...

I'd be scared, but the chances of a serial killer coming to get me are slim and noitnpetnssngsATGSANGIS


Okay, bad joke. But really, I'm not scared. The killer's picture has been spread out to where everyone should know what he looks like by now.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Fake Named William Meyer

Today, we take a look at the current dating life of Lois Hunt. I’ll skip over the entry where she actually meets William since it’s rather short, but just for future reference, she met him only a month before they began dating.

November 17th, 2011

Today was so great! So many good things happened. Will finally asked me out! I don’t know what’s taken him so long, but I’m just glad he did. He was so shy, too! A group of us had gone out to eat after seeing Paranormal Activity 3 (and that movie is so scary, oh my god! There was this part where a little girl's hair was pulled and it was so scary. Will had to put his arms around me during that part, haha) and afterwards he came up to me and asked. Things couldn’t be any better right now. Now we just need to find a guy for Sarah. She liked this guy until about a month ago when he stopped talking to her. Sarah said he gave some weird reason, like he wasn’t sure what he was going to do about life and he didn’t want her caught up in it. Whatever, he was a grade higher than her, anyway. She wanted to go see him at the hospital (he got mugged, I think), but I told her it wasn’t a good idea… Sarah’s a good person, but she doesn’t need a guy who doesn’t put her first in his life. Rob didn't do that, either.

Anyway, Will and I are already making plans; he says he got invited to this Christmas concert and he has an extra ticket. So, we’re going and it’s going to be great! There’s a local band performing and Will tell me that they’re really good. I've only been to a few concerts before, but they're ones my church goes to. There’s also going to be some sort of gift giveaway at the end, so hopefully Will and I will get something! We're also making plans for later in the month. He says he wants to take me to one of the fancy restaurants in town, haha. Maybe I'll just have him take me to that Italian place, though. Mom and I went once a few years ago, back when she liked going out in public.

So, a month after you met the guy and you already adore him? A month is hardly enough time to get to know someone. I bet you didn’t even know some stuff about him, did you?

Well, I do. We sat next to each other in English class when we were freshman. Not really friends, but we talked a few times. He'd usually stick with his friends, though, which was something I was used to because it'd happened to me so often in middle school. He got caught smoking behind the school at some points during the school year, and I overheard a girl saying he'd slept with a few girls he hadn't been dating.

I almost wish I could see your expression in school when you find out about this blog… Oh, wait. You’re skipping the first and second weeks, aren’t you? No one’s seen you around. Or do you have something to hide, Lois? Something you don’t want to share with the world?

I need to think about the next entry I make. I skipped ahead and found something that is better than all of this combined, but I’m not sure how to approach it like I have with the past entries. This could either go really well, or very bad like it usually does.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Something Interesting

Now the journal is beginning to get good.

I won’t post a specific entry considering they’re all on the same topic, but I think you all will love this. Lois is like a doorknob, 'cause everyone who dates her gets a turn. Ha.

Just let that soak in for a moment. She attends church and claims she’s a good person, but she sleeps around with any guy who says he loves her. I’m surprised her current boyfriend has stayed with her so long.

There was another entry, though, that I wanted to talk about.

September 14th, 2011

I’ve had such a horrible day! Why do I have to be around people like Vivian? She was teasing me about Rob. How does she even know that I slept with him, anyway? I mean, I'm not bothered by her saying it -  she’s probably been with, well, a ton of guys. But did Rob tell her? I don't know who I can trust. And I just can’t stand her. I don’t know why so many people hang out with her!

It would have been a normal day with her since she’s normally like that, but something weird happened. I was walking to my fourth period when I saw her in a corner with this guy (I think his name is Eddy?). He had this weird look on his face, like he was... high. And Vivian was just stroking his arm, then as I got closer I noticed that Eddy’s nose was bleeding.

And then, and this is really weird, she reached up and started wiping the blood away like she was caressing his face.

She turned my way and gave me this... look. It was kind of like a curious stare, but at the same time she seemed angry, almost like she was waiting for me to go. So, I did. I hurried along to class because... Well, I don't know, I didn't want to see her licking it or anything like that. I don't think she would, but who knows? I've seen some weird stuff at our school before...

Well, it was after school and on my way home an old car stopped right next to me and it was Vivian! She’s crazy, I tell you, because she gets out and walks over to me. She doesn't say a word, and she has this calm look on her face. She then looks me up and down, and says "You shouldn't judge others, you know." I don't judge people, though, 'cause I know what that feels like. I just agreed with her because I was really freaked out by her and I wanted to get out of there. She kept stepping in my way, though, and I was about to say something to her when she punched me in my stomach...

And this look she gave me… I stared at her for a few moments because it was just... weird. She looked at me like I was sort of toy, with this head tilt... I really thought she was going to hit me again, but she just grinned at me and said she’d see me around. Then she walked back to her car and drove off without so much as another look at me.

What is her problem? And what did I do to deserve that? I think I still have the mark on my face... I’m just glad my mom doesn’t notice stuff like this anymore…

I honestly don’t blame Vivian for slapping Lois. You don’t judge people, even if they’re into some... questionable acts. I used to do that and it got me a keyed car and a broken nose.

Throughout reading this journal, I don’t think I’ve once seen Lois treat another human being fairly. It’s always looking down on them, feeling sorry, or judging.

I don’t care if Vivian has slept with half the guys in the school; she gets my respect for standing up to this judgmental nightmare called Lois.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Faking Compassion

Most of the first few entries within the journal are nothing special. Just the blabbering of a teenage girl; nothing important. You would think after years of school she’d also use proper spelling and grammar, but I guess that’s just one more example of how my generation is crumbling. After reading about nonsense, I was prepared to burn it… but I stopped myself. My desire to see Lois’s life crumble around her is greater.

I finally found something worth mentioning after a few more minutes of shuffling through the garbage. It dates back to June of last year, at our youth group. I decided to do a bit of editing to make it more legible.

June 22nd, 2011

I like to think that I have a horrible life, that I have it so rough, but compared to some people I really don’t have it as bad. Like, dad walking out on mom. I wasn’t there for that, but I see living without a dad as a bad thing. Maybe it’s not ‘cause, who knows, he might have abused me or something. Mom said he wasn’t like that, but maybe she’s just protecting him. She doesn’t talk about him a lot, and I don’t like to ask, so we’re clear on that field.

But really, things aren’t bad for me. I’m by myself, so I don’t have to put up with bratty little brothers and sisters.  That’s good, I think. I see people complain about their brothers and sisters all the time. So, like, maybe I’m blessed by God for being in the situation I’m in? Well, whatever it is, it sure helped me tonight. A girl named Sarah asked for the youth group to pray for her family. Her dad had run off too, the jerk, and he left behind his wife and children. So this girl says that she’s been having trouble dealing with it because her mom isn’t taking it so well (maybe being abusive?) and Sarah’s having to make sure her siblings are taken care of. That’s so wrong, you know, when a person has to do that. How a parent could just sit idly by, you know?

But Sarah, she has guts. She’d talked about her parents getting a divorce before, which is something I wouldn’t have shared because I like to keep personal things like that to myself (plus the whole dad being gone thing, haha). I approached her after youth and talked to her about it, explaining my situation and that I understood. I think she liked that, to hear someone took an interest and knowing she didn’t have to go through it alone. She started crying halfway through our talk, though, and that was like really awkward. I really don’t like it when people cry. But I comforted her, so… yeah. I guess that’s my good deed for the day. I gave her my cell number in case she wants to talk, too! Hopefully she'll start talking to me.

Pathetic. “Oh, because I comforted a girl I’m doing a good deed! I’m a great person!” Yeah, right. People only do this type of thing out of moral obligation, because they’re expected to do it. They don’t do it out of compassion or love.

Skipping ahead.

August 6th, 2011

Oh my gosh I feel so bad. Sarah broke down over the phone telling me about it, but I can’t even imagine what her friend was thinking when he went there. This is so bad.

OK, so a few weeks ago Sarah’s dad shows up again, right? But he had to be hospitalized and treated and stuff. It’s bad, right, and oh my gosh, they found him earlier tonight cut up and beaten. I think Sarah went to visit him and when she found him he was like that and oh gosh I feel so bad. I mean, for what I said about him over the past month. I just assumed he was like my dad and took off, but he came back and he got attacked and… It’s just really bad. Sarah’s traumatized now, I'm sure. I’ll probably go visit her tomorrow, but it’s just so bad and I hate people crying. God, I need help.

Oh, that’s right. Don’t feel bad for Sarah, whose father died. Feel bad because you talked about him behind his back. See? This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about. She doesn’t feel sorry for Sarah at all.

I’m taking a break from the journal. I’ve got some homework I have to do already (Yeah, first week of school, woop-woop), and frankly I might become even more depressed if I have to interpret her handwriting again.

I’ll post again in a few days, but until then, witnesses, keep a sharp eye out for those fakes who say they’re a good person. They're the worst kind.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Light the Match, Start the Fire

Love is dead.

For years, the media has told humanity that everyone has a soul mate, and everyone will have a happily ever after. It’s a fairy tale that many still believe today, when the evidence around them says differently. There’s more pain and suffering today than before, divorce rates are on the rise, and children are being taught to glorify violence and sex rather than upstanding morals that better society. It’s why the people at my school are so hopeless; they’ve been told to live in the moment, to fulfill their desires and not care about anyone else. Only those who support that mold are welcomed in the society; for those that aren’t, they’re cast out like a leper.

They make fun of people who don’t have a ‘significant other’, calling them names and bullying them no matter what they do. They talk behind other’s backs, not giving a damn if it hurts that person’s feelings. And then, when a person screws up, this elitist society humiliates them in front of everyone. You’re the jester, the fool, the laughing stock of the kingdom.

A few weeks ago, I started talking to a girl named Lois. Very pretty and sometimes shy, but dating a person who doesn’t deserve her. He’s the slime of the earth, a putrescent disease that comes from the elitist society. When I tried to warn her about him, how he was a bad influence, she refuted me. She took the private conversations we had with each other and showed them to the world. She broke the trust I had put in her and used it to hurt me.

Well, Lois, now you’re about to know what that feels like.

Remember how we were supposed to fill out those questionnaires in our homerooms today? I know, I didn’t like it either since it was our first day back. During that time, people would give me a look that made me feel ashamed of myself – that’s your fault. I couldn’t concentrate at all times, and ended up dropping my pencil beneath one of the cabinets. I thought it was bad luck. I blamed you.

But I know now that dropping that pencil was good luck, that it was fated to happen. I reached under that cabinet and found not only my pencil, but a small, leather-bound journal.

Your journal.

All of your private thoughts in the palm of my hands.

I know it’s yours, Lois, because it has your name on the inside, right next to the drawing of a black dog.

I don’t know how it got there, or why I of all people should find it. But I’m going to make you pay for what you did to me, Lois. I’m not only going to let everyone at our school know your secrets, I’m going to make sure the entire world knows. Then you can tell me you’re sorry for what you did to me; then you can tell me that you didn’t mean to hurt my feelings.

It’s time to begin.